The Hope Mills Bee is your independent source for old-school news and information delivered in a new-school way (well, as much as the internet is “new-school” by now). Old-school journalism requires finding the truth and telling the truth to the public.New-school journalism allows that truthtelling to be done in creative, new ways, through new technology.

Several outlets cover the stories that make the old-school mass media. Most of them even do that in ways that include new-school means. We are locally owned and operated by Salt Mine Media. Our goal is to cover the information that is “thoroughly local” and most relevant to the people of southern Cumberland County.

Why “The Bee?” There are many reasons why a bee is representative of our site and our organization.Bees are the one flying insect that physiologically are not supposed to be able to fly, but they don’t listen to naysayers, they just fly when they need to fly, and they walk around when they need to walk around. They sting when they feel the need to sting. Most of them are worker bees, productively and collectively manufacturing honey, which has great antibacterial qualities.




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