And now…the rest of the stump speech

ICYMI because you’re blocked or just not friends…
Mayor Warner can’t run on her accomplishments, so she runs on nostalgia and generic campaign statements.
She reshares a 6-year-ago stump speech memory instead of reminding you or herself about:

– rookie mistakes
– a few different failed, stunted partnerships with close friends she couldn’t enact or continue by sheer force of will, like the Hope Mills Initiative, which lasted way longer and cost more than it should have, but served its purpose in getting people to read hit pieces about some commissioners who were her enemies
– the Golfview Greenway entrance saga
– Crampton Road
– ordinances and other things that have needed to be fixed for 10 years but just don’t happen
– the parish hall demolition when a new, pliable board majority took bids over the first holidays they were in office and the demolition happened two months later
– her failure on overpromising town property to the Lone Survivor Foundation
– her grudge about it ever since
– filing a quit claim deed using the name Jacquelyn Smith Miller Warner, which has never existed anywhere except closely-attached to a deed transfer for the house she currently has her boutique business and which she also had repair work costs denied in the estate paperwork
– events that happen that ten people in town heard about but that she says “have been planned for years”
– consistently wanting to revisit that hack Hope Mills Initiative idea with a “new town media outlet”
– which would be like the old idea of town staff writing for the Up & Coming, and even a schedule being passed around, but then she denied there was a schedule and it was all voluntary because nobody bit on her bad idea
– bailing on her mayor duties and not cooperating when the last board didn’t follow her directions even though she “doesn’t have a vote” and is only there for their purposes
– building every issue for years as a team competition between “Us vs. Them” like a junior high cheer competition
– complaining about private facebook groups like the Hope Mills Chatter not letting her in and then mischaracterizing the discussions among unelected citizens over there as “town business” because that description fit her narrative
– deleting comments, and eventually her social media page, and with it years of public records and comments
– blaming a 40-year-long family friend accountant for not knowing that his alluded-to bad tax paperwork advice might impact her negative as a political figure
– blocking people from the one she kept
– janky, against-ordinance promo for her supporters on the parish hall fence that are up right now
– encouraging local yellow journalists in articles condemning her fellow commissioners and admitting to offering edits and corrections in emails….but justifying it by saying “I did not write any articles”
– her husband writing a hit piece against those same commissioners for the local yellow journalist and paying for yard signs against them that mentioned “this board” specifically, but somehow was “not about them”
– using Pat Edwards as an human intro shield to try to “shtop” criticism by confronting a citizen after a board meeting
– confronting another citizen at a VFW meeting she was using for political purposes
– giving back Plank Rd. without knowing how a municipality should do it legally
– bragging about how she “doesn’t respond to criticism, I rise above it” and how “if you’re in politics you have to have a thick skin” and “if someone writes an editorial about you, it’s up to you to prove they’re wrong” when she’s talking on the radio about Meg Larson not responding to months of hit pieces in a newsmagazine controlled by her friend the yellow publisher, then hiding in the background and having fans defend her with gossip and inanity
– gaveling down a commissioner who wanted to discuss her husband’s yellow-journalism editorials and yard signs against the same board she presides meetings over, while she demands “unity” from the board that is already 95% in unanimous voting agreement
– then two years later ignoring her own comments about “thick skins” and wasting the judicial system’s time with a lawsuit against two people based on her inconsistent versions of reality.

These are actual things that she has done and taken part in, mostly in the last six years. Some things the last six years are just new versions and new applications of what’s gone on for most of 30 years. The story in the Fayetteville Observer a couple weeks back says “she says she owns her mistakes and shortcomings.” Name me one of these she has ever admitted as a mistake.

Depending on your grasp of reality and how much you value pretending, it’s way easier to just repeat the same self-motivational blather and never-fulfilled promises from six years ago, and ignore reality and anyone else’s perceptions, and even your own words in many instances, than it is to deal with reality among the little people.
It’s fine for a child to be creative with facts. If your government officials live in denial and creative application of their versions of truths, they will steamroll you before long too, because they have the laws and ordinances to try to use against you. As long as you are a pliable compliant Friend of the Warners, enjoy your bliss and gather your pink windbreakers and smiles from the queen while ye may, but you’re only hurting yourself and your families.

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