Board votes “no confidence” in mayor

For the board, it’s not supposed to be about who’s the bossiest boss or who’s in charge, or even about how things have been done since whenever. It’s about doing what’s best for the town, and in general, it seems to be. It should be about running things the way a town of 16,000 citizens with a lot on its plate should be run, now and into the future, until they need to be adjusted. It can’t be run by one to four people, without communication until the last minute, if at all, and then what communication there is happens in other venues and involves other people implying their opinions into “facts.”

For the citizens, it’s not supposed to be a popularity contest and it’s not a hate smear campaign either. It should be about doing what’s right in any given situation, and expecting leaders to do what’s right. And if they don’t, reminding them that’s what we expect. It involves looking at things comprehensively, over time, not just from our initial reaction or impression of something or someone. Give the same “chance” to one side that you give the other, especially if your introduction to the current board came through an article or overhearing one person in a local eating place or grocery store.

For the media, it’s supposed to be about reporting what’s true and letting people decide. Media shouldn’t make demands of the board, or of the people. Media also shouldn’t make up facts. All media can do is make suggestions, but emotions get wrapped up into it and pretty soon everyone’s badgering someone else with their hurt feelings. It’s exercise but it’s not beneficial.

It shouldn’t be about what any of us feel or think about one another. One day we’ll be dead and soon forgotten, and high school was a long time ago. It should always be about issues. The “right” or “wrong” of a decision on an issue shouldn’t be affected by the beauty, age, goodness, or size of a person, to borrow a phrase from 8th grade French. Conversely, the beauty, age, goodness, or size of a person should not be determined by the “right” or “wrong” of a single issue. Keep it in perspective and learn and grow, for all our sakes.

The board has been disjointed since the Lake #2 property no-sale. People have been at other people’s throats constantly. Not really at “each other’s” throats, because only one side has been continuously going for jugulars in articles and posts. The prominent board votes get pointed out as some kind of personalized mutiny, but the hundreds of unanimous votes get glossed over as if they never happen. But if you’re out there saying “give this side a chance” but you think the other side is a festering pustule that needs to be lanced and burned in every way they exist, sit this one out and try to come back into it when you’re going to be a help.

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