hmlakeHope Mills is a town of almost 16,000 residents. This area around Rockfish Creek was settled in the 1700s, and in the mid-1850s, it included one of the most productive mills in North Carolina. That made it a target for Gen. Sherman on his march through the South toward the end of the Civil War.
Over the years, Hope Mills has faced a declining manufacturing base, but has enjoyed its proximity to Fort Bragg. The Armed Forces have been a prominent part of Hope Mills’ citizenry over the last 100 years. Today, Hope Mills is known mostly for two things: questionable moves in local politics, and an empty Hope Mills Lake. Many are working to fix those images of Hope Mills.
Our town is a fine town. It could be a great town. Sure it’s not perfect, and it probably never will be, but there are people working every day to make it better.

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