Mayor Throws Weight Around, Slurs Words, Retreats

Tell me what the Hope Mills Bee is doing wrong.
Hurting your feelings? Doesn’t count.
We don’t have that kind of relationship.
And don’t throw the Bee in with Go Time.
They’re totally separate things.

Yeah I got meanmugged tonight. Still smarting. Not really.
I will take it, for you, the reader. Over and over, if necessary.

Now you have some evidence of how the town operates at the higher levels. Heavy-style. It’s not a good look.
Wish I had video, but the straight audio will have to do.
Some more sensitive readers probably wouldn’t want to see the hurt, confusion, and dejection the video would show anyway.
Don’t worry…the mayor was fine after this exchange and went straight over to ham it up with a child who doesn’t know better yet.
I guess if I couldn’t control myself or those around me, I wouldn’t want a facebook page either.

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