Political sharks depend on your uninformation to continually shift the sands where you have to live

Seriously? How many dodges make a lie?
When does the dodge become evident and unavoidable, like an elephant in a small room?

Around 38:40 in Monday’s board meeting, Mayor Warner starts talking about her neighborhood meetings idea.
A fine idea. In 1983.


And the board agreed with the idea, so the town will schedule meetings at schools during the summer….
and at these meetings “(commissioners) pretty much don’t react, we just listen” and bring it back to the board or the town staff
which is exactly the same as public comments that are already offered at every town meeting
and every public communication venue where people catch up with a commissioner long enough to express their opinions on any topic.
There is zero real benefit, and more work for schools.
Even unanimity doesn’t make any idea a good idea.

But you will be impressed and stunned by an appearance in your elementary school attendance zone,
which she rattled off like a trained seal, so we need neighborhood meetings too, and, so, they’re now in the works.
Like she hinted in the buy-in speech, we might even need to ask the high schools to help, this idea just might go viral.
“Stand amazed in the presence!” And a couple minutes into her spiel, the rest of the board did just that.

Sure. Everyone would have participated in every town event during a pandemic…..if they had just been reached with the information. People always do inconvenient things and choose the difficult routes in life.
That’s why meetings are always packed.
By her own words, people knew on Monday from a mailer….low turnout is not entirely about “knowing.”
Ask any marketer pushing a bad idea. Car warranties are a hard cold call phone sell.
It takes 8-10 times of seeing something new before people even notice it, unless it’s something they ALREADY care about.
And “shred events” aren’t really wildly attended in 2021 either.
Even food truck rodeos are kinda playing out in most places.

But the board’s [her] five-year focus on a “new media outlet” is now coming through school-based meetings.
Sadly, the fundamental misconstruction of marketing and human psychology isn’t the biggest problem this idea has already revealed. It revealed, again, that the sands are always shifting, and shiftable, if you just shift them, and nobody notices or cares.
Around 43:40, Commissioner Bellflowers asks Mayor Warner what kind of “misinformation”
she was referring to in her April 27 email that referred to “misinformation being shared” [see above].
She replied “It’s not misinformation, they’re not getting information.”

on a swivel, as easily and naturally as if it were a dog justifying its goals when it’s in heat.

She herself wrote in the email about preventing “misinformation being shared”
“not misinformation., they’re not getting information…”
No one made her write “misinformation” in an April 27 email.
That was a personal choice.
And when questioned in person, she dodged and reframed the argument.
Yet again.
Nobody made her make the argument, or the dodge.
And after Bellflowers first asked, no one else questioned further.
She would have probably just gaveled them down anyway.

Does she just not understand what “misinformation” is, after all?
Because she should by now. Political sharks use it every day. It’s part and parcel of their style.
“Rebuttal” is the focus of her “new media outlet” idea that Commissioner Marley has recently proposed the board consider, but which has been proposed before, and actually been a thing for a while before it failed.
Boards, under her, have been fighting “misinformation being shared” since 2018 when too-private facebook groups became her and Bowman’s political shark targets.
And she used the term last week.
Now “it’s not what I said, it’s this other shiny thing.”

Is anything she ever says worth taking as “real?”
Most of it seems to be built on shifting sands like this dodge.
Political shark situational opportunities arise
and people don’t ask questions
and never try to make sense of things,
and they’re basically happy with the shifting sands
because it looks like “effort” from the political shark
and they’d rather not do any effort themselves.
So they accept it. Realistically, everyone wants to “rise above it” and skate over pain.
But at some point, it’s best to recognize when you’re knee-deep in muck because a political shark has shifted the rules again.

Heads up! Other shifting sands she is going for include doing away with social media and other current media outlets
because she doesn’t understand them, and can’t control them,
and you as citizens and future town officials are going to be left with a new digital media outlet [“one-way flow”] and small-group neighborhood meetings where they just listen, and some mailers stuck on your trash cans, maybe sometimes.
That’s been in the groundwork since that bogus hullabaloo about “private facebook groups” years back.
At some point, when it continues, citizens have no one else to blame for their own willful and blissful ignorance.
If you want to be involved, please be involved and notice what goes on, not just presented. You’ll always be a pawn in the hypotheticals that get presented and then shifted by political sharks. Political sharks are attacking you every day with lies and dodges.

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