Town Putting The (Almost) Welcome Signs Out

The Town and the Hope Mills Chamber are making plans for new town signs at the entry points of the town. Plans are for 12-13 sturdy, long-lasting, three-dimensional signs to be put up at the major entrances of the town. Average cost is expected to be about $850 a sign, plus various landscaping at each. The Town Board agreed on a design, but the color details about color, placement, and landscaping at each sign are still under consideration.
[Ed: So far, they have a millwheel logo and ‘HOPE MILLS’ with “North Carolina” under it. They won’t say “welcome” in words, but they will be a nice addition to the places where people come into town so they know they are in Our Town, officially. And really, they might need way more than 12 if they put them every place where the town limits start and stop on Hope Mills Rd., Chickenfoot Rd., and Legion Rd. if you check the town limits maps. 🙂 ]

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