In Monday night’s town board meeting, Town Commissioner Mayor Pro Tem Mike Mitchell says he didn’t name names when he went to the media, and didn’t accuse any Commissioners of a conflict of interest because he only said there were three in the group, not who they were. Yet he still demanded they back out of belonging to a certain closed-membership Facebook group, which he also did not name because he kept it professional, but which everyone knows that everyone knows.
In this clip, he manages to accuse the town attorney and other commissioners of working as a sort of cabal to draft the wording of the resolution for his censure, without contacting him or Commissioner Edwards. All the accused state they were not involved in the resolution, and Mitchell scoffs at their statements.
Then he switches it up and defends his statements, and previous conduct, with a recitation of his past election successes.
He’s says he’s “here to represent the people of Hope Mills,” and says he is proud of the stance he’s made, despite the fact that it backfires frequently.
This portion of the meeting starts around 1:28:36 in the youtube video of Monday’s meeting (5/21/2018).

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