Make sure you go to this propaganda forum, or the next step might be leaflet drops

Here’s yet another “already showed you too much” example of how that unprecedented Hope Mills Initiative would not have benefited the town, nevermind the overexaggerated hype that went into it:


  1. Hold a meeting.
  2. Call it a “community roundtable.”
  3. Only invite the people who are on your side of the table.
  4. Call it an “open forum.”
  5. Have speakers speak on their chosen topics.
  6. Put “Hope Mills” and “future” in the title.
  7. Organize it with a seemingly-dormant local economic development group, even though someone else beat you out for vice-president.
  8. Say “it’s not political.”
  9. Invite some political people.
  10. Say “it’s for the good of the community.”
  11. Invite the members of the community who are the goodest of the good already (you know them: they’re the ones who say “yay” and congratulate you for every idea).
  12. Don’t talk about the meeting on your social media accounts until the time is right.
  13. Use your fourth-tier blog partnerships to your advantage.
  14. Depend on willful ignorance and apathy. Elections are about quantity of votes, not quality.
  15. And as always, remember: you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. Everything you do is the right thing, and you do it flawlessly.

As this meeting and the 45-minute meet and greet beforehand will undoubtedly communicate to participants: there’s an election coming up. Some candidates are the bee’s knees, and others suck pond scum through a straw then go kill turtles with the straw. Look for handouts from participants….and then wonder why some other participants aren’t there (even after they found out about the meeting)…and then wonder why the Up & Coming Weekly publisher is working this hard and focusing this narrowly.

It’s as obvious a propaganda distribution as several articles and recent emails and social media posts have proven to be. Good thing those other media are around now though, because if we were still in the days of distributing propaganda through airplane paper bombs, the town would be littered already. A lot of minds are still just as littered, though, and will just believe any old contradictory, meaningless, pithy words simply because of their feelings about the source.

Maybe some of us need to be lapdogs, and blindly let people, friends or otherwise, feed us whatever they want to feed us that day, and leave it at that because we can’t deal with more than that. Maybe that’s how most people get through life, without questioning the powers that be, no matter what the evidence, no matter how they pile it up at your doorstep. We at the Bee haven’t done studies nor do we even claim to have made up a “consensus” either way, but we think more of us can recognize things are not always as they are presented. especially when the historical evidence of what the motives are keeps piling up.

Editor’s Note: If anyone out there still has a serious balk at commenting on this because it’s on a website that “requires” more information than it gives out with every post, feel free to reply on the facebook page or email your comments. You can even send a text to our phone if your church is into that kind of thing, as one seems to be. Or heck, put in a fake email with your comments, and see if it goes through. We’d kind of like to know too. We don’t really care about the method, if you have good content behind it. If you just have a random string of silly phrases you’re stringing together, that’s fine too, but don’t expect it to be taken as seriously as actual thinking would be.

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