Mayor Finally Pushes Local Citizen Out of Her Volunteer Title After Years of Trying To Get Her To Quit


6:39 into last night’s town board meeting, after promising to pray for someone Jerry Legge mentioned, your mayor made a special presentation to “award Pat Hall with the title historian emeritus” which has never been done before, and no one asked her to do it.
Then she passed around a letter she had written for commissioners to sign.
By 8:00 into the meeting, a vote had been taken.
She did not put that letter on the agenda or publish it before the meeting.
She never asked Pat Hall about this new “honor” because that’s not how political hacks do things.
She dropped it on the board last night, and presented it as if it is an honor to remove a title from a volunteer and replace it with another made-up title.
And in her continuously backhanded, backdoor way, she presents it as an honor she is bestowing on Pat Hall.
In 2019, Mayor Warner and Pat Edwards tried to convince the board to remove Pat Hall from her volunteer positions.
They never consulted Pat Hall or other board members that time either. Edwards just presented it to the board at a meeting, with obvious direction from Warner, and expected that should be enough.

Mayor Warner plays political tricks like this because normal, everyday people don’t pay a lot of attention to these meetings, and she doesn’t feel as responsibility to be ethical in presenting things at these meetings as she feels she needs to get revenge and squeeze out all dissenters from anything in town.
What she’s done this time is take away the title of “historian” from Pat Hall, without ever consulting Pat Hall or the other commissioners who she told it was a new honor, then asked the commissioners to agree with something that obviously has ulterior motives from the ones she presented to them.

Then, immediately thereafter, her proxy lackey Elizabeth Blevins, who’s recently created a “history web page” for Hope Mills, made a presentation to create a Senior Citizens’ committee.
Blevins says she put it together with her friends and “the wonderful Hope Mills Chamber” and she put it on facebook, but she’s not sure what it’s called…..mostly because all of this is the mayor’s bidding, and the mayor probably wrote most of it, because during the meeting the mayor drove much discussion of the proposal.
Like I say, you can’t write this stuff.

If you have any background of information over the past 5 years, there’s a hilarious moment in the meeting. It starts around 14:53, where Elizabeth Blevins answers a question from a commissioner based on her experience.
She says “Having been on several committees, usually the secretary does the minutes and the agenda, and if the staff is doing it, the committee is not doing their job.”
Elizabeth Blevins has been on several committees, and she quit every one of them abruptly.
She’s hanging in with the mayor though, and the mayor rewards her, again.
Getting shine from running a new committee is almost as good as being included in the Up & Coming’s “5 Women to Watch” article after she wrote many hit pieces for her little yellow blog and Bowman’s little yellow rag.
Now, she’s an expert witness the mayor calls to make a new presentation for a new committee, and makes calls on the community to plan events and fund that committee.
Those calls are not on behalf of the community, those calls are on behalf of your mayor, to the mayor’s tight circle of supporters, just like when the town sold banner space on the fence in front of the parish hall to the mayor’s circle of friends.

BTW the mayor has also tried over the past year or two to get Arts & History combined onto one committee, because those are both pet topics she wants to manage….or more accurately: she wants to manage the people who are on that committee because they won’t question her micromanagement and will just be happy to get crumbs and be part of the team.
Also consider back in 2019, the mayor and Pat Edwards, who is apparently part of this new committee, tried to have Pat Hall removed from her volunteer positions because they were offended by comments she made. That time they also never contacted her or other board members before they brought the idea to remove her to the board and asked for a vote at a meeting. Fortunately a majority saw through that charade that night.

All of this sounds a lot more like the work of a political shark who is still trying to get revenge for past disagreements, because your mayor can’t handle disagreements, and she will sneak in any of her crones sideways, because no one is interested until next fall, and even then her 599 supporters aren’t interested in facts or history.

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