On parish hall, town board still catching up on neglected backburner

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To its credit, the town board is again discussing ways to repair the Christ Episcopal Church property on Main St. It was donated to the town in 2010 with the understanding it would be preserved.
Over a couple of years after the donation, the Historic Preservation Committee made plans to use it for a town museum. Over years of being unoccupied near an eroding creekbank, and for lack of repairs, it deteriorated further. Historic preservation and expected costs/benefits helped put the repairs to build the museum on the backburner, where it has been for a while. But it hasn’t always been on the backburner since it was donated to the town, at least not for everyone.
In 2016, there were
: discussions to sell the town-owned property to the optometrist who owns the adjacent property for a parking lot.
The only people who discussed the sale on behalf of the town were the
: then-and-now mayor and the then-town manager. The optometrist was told how to title his subject lines on
: emails that involved selling town property, to keep the content private. That proposal was
: never realized and was denied by the board, and
: more details about the discussions have come out since then.
: The property still sits vacant. Last year a driver drove a car into it.

Does any of this sound vaguely familiar or similar to any other discussions to sell town property recently? Or have you never heard about those events, and can’t believe they ever happened? Well, they did. Since colons represent analogies, and asterisks are everywhere, we put some bold colons and started a new line to help you follow the consistent patterns.

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