Constitutional Ignorance By Government Officials Cannot Be Casually Accepted Nor Excused

Hope Mills Mayor Jackie Warner sued two citizens for libel this spring, and her lawsuit was dismissed in July. But it didn’t happen in a vacuum, and it was unnecessary. It still cost the people she unjustly involved in her legal gambit money and time.

The covid-church-closing case in California is another case where a government official (Governor Gavin Newsom) tried to curtail citizens’ First Amendment rights by misapplying the established laws of the legal system and rules of the justice system. The California cases were also decided in favor of those whose First Amendment rights were being curtailed, and the charges and fines were dropped. And in California, the courts have decided that the government official (and of course, the state) should pay the fees and costs for the defense.

The courts found Newsom was the one misapplying the rules and laws, not the churches. He allowed businesses to stay open, but tried to prevent churches from worshipping.
Warner says she welcomes criticism and even satire from any sources, but then tries to thwart criticism by legally punishing two people for satire, which invalidates her own words.

If you think it’s a mark of good, solid leadership for your government officials to unjustly misuse parts of the law and components of the system to attempt to punish citizens, whoever they may be, then vote for Jackie Warner.
Don’t question anything when she shows up at your church’s doorstep or your civic group’s fundraiser, just support the ever-loving pea turkey out of her. Pick a side and stick with it despite the evidence. Even consider her holy and blameless, as many seem to, based on nostalgia and your dislike for those who don’t consider her holy and blameless.

But consider: Gavin Newsom and the state of California have to pay their targets’ legal defense fees, and he is facing a recall election. Your recall vote is not until November, but your responsibility to be informed and weigh facts exists now and will continue long after that.

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