Up & Coming Weekly, what are you doing?


Up & Coming Weekly,
what are you doing?

You’re drooling uncontrollably, for one thing.

When you’re writing about our mayor and town board, it doesn’t come out as “journalism.”
It reads like propaganda toward both sides.
For one side, outright love and admiration. Brown-nosing, even. Trying too hard in a lot of ways.
To the other side, it reads like scorn and contempt. Disdain.
It usually seems like you’re missing the forest for the trees, and other times you’re trying to obscure some trees by pointing out the forest for others to focus on.

So we get yet another overly fawning, beatific editorial about how heroic, glamorous, courageous, strong, upright, strong, and intelligent the courageous intelligent mayor is, and how people who disagree with her are absolutely corrupt, fundamentally inept, and probably make grammatical mistakes.

Just some thoughts to consider:
Maybe this is all a shell game that’s been going on for years, and you missed a few moves?
Maybe political sharks have been in the town water for a while, but not like you think, or not like you want others to think?
Maybe what you propose the rest of the board is doing are the same things she is doing and has done, for years?
Maybe you just got to the party to notice?
Maybe you’re just holding water for the p.r. machine that others recognized years back?
Maybe “that’s how Hope Mills has always been” is a phrase because the same people have been in charge running things for far longer than since 2017?
Just things to consider. The truths are probably somewhere in the middles. Who knows? Don’t just hear it and report it from one side. Nobody can be as good or as bad as you’re presenting in your publication.

At any rate, welcome to the south Cumberland party the last couple of years. Sorry your first foray into town life was approved, then didn’t get renewed after the trial period, but these things happen. Without much effort, you’ll probably learn there are a lot more ideas about the merits of both sides of most ideas than make it into your articles about the town board.

Most citizens will admit, some to a higher degree than others, she’s been fairly adequate as a mayor, and probably as a principal, cheerleading coach, teacher, wife, mother, grandmother, negotiator, and every other aspect/achievement of her life over which you constantly become beatific. Nobody can be as good as you’ve built her up to be though, and there’s not many people who can be as bad as you propose others are.

What are you going to do if this frequent one-sided propaganda campaign doesn’t work? Hopefully if you get a representative to serve on the town’s Chamber of Commerce, their support for “Team Hope Mills” will not hinge on any one person being mayor, or any other person(s) being in any particular positions, because a lot of things can happen. There’s a lot more to our town than holding up the glamorous Queen’s coattails [whoever might be the Queen at that time] and doing things the way they’ve been done forever.

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